Full Service Movers: Things Your Movers Won't Take

Whether you’re moving across town or packing up your family for a cross-country (or international) adventure, the actual process of moving is what people generally look forward to the least. Sure, going to a new home, even one close to home, means a few changes in your life, and going across the country or across the world generally means you’ve got a pretty big shakeup coming—and that can, and should, be exciting. If you’re mired in the moving process, however, it can be a lot more difficult to really feel the excitement of those impending changes. Finding a trustworthy moving service can help take some of the pressure off, but a bit of preparedness on your part can also make a world of difference in your move. Start by scheduling your full service movers. Then, once you have a moving date at hand, it’s time to start preparing your home.


First Steps

Even before you schedule with the movers, you can start preparing your home. A great way to make your move more seamless is to start by de-cluttering and paring down. As soon as you know you’ll be moving, we suggest you start the clear-out process. Go room by room and sort everything into three categories: keep, donate/sell, and trash. Some things, like those lonely unmatched socks that have been sitting on top of your dryer, don’t need to be kept, so why bother even packing them to move? Figure out a system that works well for you, and use the weeks or months leading up to your move as a time to get rid of things you never use. This will ultimately save on packing time and reduce the load when the moving truck comes. It’s also a great time to figure out what to do with all the things your full service movers won’t move.


What Movers Won’t Haul

When we talk about things movers won’t move, this actually breaks down into two categories: things that they will not move, and things that are prohibitively difficult to move. The former includes things you’d expect, like explosives, while the latter includes things like that grand piano in your sitting room or your art collection.


Things Movers Won’t Move

The list of things your full-service movers won’t pack up and take in your household will be pretty close to exact no matter which moving company you hire. Many of them are things that are potentially dangerous or could have legal repercussions, especially when traveling across state lines. Movers won’t move:

  • Explosives, corrosives, flammables, and other hazardous materials—and yes, this includes things like household cleaners and paint. If you’re set on taking those extra buckets of paint, you’ll have to drive those yourselves.
  • Pets – This should be self-explanatory. Your movers aren’t going to put your pup in a crate and move him in the truck. Remember that this also includes fish, reptiles, birds, and so on. Your movers will move the accoutrements, but it’s up to you to transport your animals.
  • Plants – We understand that this one usually surprises people, but no, your movers aren’t going to help you haul all of your flower boxes full of blooms to the new house. There can occasionally be issues with prohibited plant life in some areas, but more importantly, your movers don’t want to be responsible for the death of your prize plants, no matter how accidental.
  • Ammo – Yes, we know this falls under the header of explosives/hazardous materials, but it needs to be said. Your movers may be willing to pack up and transport your cleaned and unloaded firearms, as long as you can show the proper licensing, but they will not move any ammunition, so please don’t try.
  • Perishables – No, your movers aren’t going to be responsible for the contents of your pantry and fridge. Yes, we know, that elk you hunted for and had cleaned is delicious and valuable. No, they still won’t move it for you, even in a good cooler. That’ll be up to you to haul.


Things That Are Hard to Move

Generally speaking, if something is dangerous to move or will potentially cause some serious damage to haul in a truck full of crates, odds are good your full service movers won’t pack it up. On top of that list, there are also a few things that you should just avoid asking your movers to be responsible for, for your wellbeing as well as theirs. The following are a few things to carefully consider before asking your movers to be responsible for:


Important documents

We’re assuming you have a file or a fireproof box of some variety for things like birth certificates, passports, and your financial information. It’s pretty easy to forget in the chaos of moving, but it’s probably better that you move this stuff, rather than your movers. In fact, some movers will flat-out not be responsible for any of your important documents, but even if they will, you’ll be safer taking those things yourself.


Heirlooms & Art

This is another of those categories of household items that often falls into the gray area of will-they-or-won’t-they. Yes, your full service movers will probably be willing to pack up and haul your impressive art collection or your precious family heirlooms, but keep in mind that the insurance policy covering the move will only cover the monetary value of an item. If it’s irreplaceable or meaningful, well, your movers can’t magically replace those things.


Oversized and Specialty Items

Yes, your movers will probably be willing to help you haul your grand piano or your billiards table, but if it requires a specialist to take it apart and put back together, you’ll be better off checking that your movers have the requisite experience or those specialty items may not make it to your new home in quite the same condition—even if your movers use all due caution. The other part of this is any items that are weirdly shaped or oversized. This can include things like large tools, exercise equipment, and so on. When you’re getting a quote for services from your full service movers, ask how they handle those items so you can figure out what to do.


Finding Full Service Movers

A key component to making your move as smooth as possible is finding the right moving service. At Customer Advocate, we want to help you find services you can trust, so we’ve created a review service that stands above the rest. We take the time to verify every review that is submitted for legitimacy, as a way to avoid potential false information. In addition, we take the time to check out each company we host information about, to be sure the services are certified properly and legitimate so you can trust that you won’t get scammed. Learn more about our process here and start with reviews from customers like you to find your full service movers!

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