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In our modern society, trying to find trustworthy and high-quality services can be a daunting prospect. Doing a basic internet search will overwhelm you with reviews sites and businesses you may or may not have ever heard of. Add social media platforms into the mix, and recommendations from friends or neighbors, and you will likely end up with so many differing opinions that you don’t even know which way is up anymore! is here to help you sort through that overwhelming inundation of information and find merchant services that are trustworthy.

Not only is finding services more complicated than it should be, finding a trustworthy service is even more difficult. Between the ease at which someone can make a website and the number of for-profit review websites available, it may feel like you can’t trust anything you see or read on the internet. Parsing through which sites are legitimate and which are scams shouldn’t feel like it requires an advanced degree. When you need help around the house, whether we’re talking about full-service movers or a roofing company, you don’t want to spend hours on the internet, even if it means finding a company who will do a good job, not charge exorbitant prices, and offer trustworthy technicians. You’re hiring someone to come into your home or business, so these qualities should be a given. Sadly, they aren’t. Our goal at is to make it easy and quick to find trustworthy services, so you can quit worrying about scammers. To achieve our goal and help customers across the nation find services, we have a two-fold verification process.

Review Verification

You may be thinking, “There are a ton of review sites out there. Why do we need another?” Well, the answer is what makes us stand out from the crowd: our lack of bias. So many of the popular review sites out there participate in some shady and underhanded practices to make a profit. At many review sites, businesses can pay to have more positive reviews show or to hide negative reviews. Unfortunately, while this provides a great profit to the review site, it gives a very skewed view of that business to customers like you who are looking for a quality service. If you’ve ever been to a highly ranked restaurant and had a poor experience, the disconnect could be from these practices.

At, we are here for you, the customer, not the businesses. In order to keep things fair and actually helpful, we strive to be as bias-free as possible. This means no buying or selling of reviews, so businesses with more money cannot pay to get ahead. In addition, we make it harder to cheat the system by verifying each review that is submitted. By verifying each review, we can ensure that ratings and information comes from actual customers who have experience with that service—not false reviews submitted by companies trying to boost their own ratings or competition trying to lower ratings. What this means is that you can trust the merchant services reviews on our site, because they are all from actual customers like you.

Business Verification

In addition to verifying all the reviews submitted to our site, we also take the time to verify the businesses themselves. We know how easy it can be for someone to make a website and claim to be a legitimate business when they aren’t. The team takes the time to vet every company before they are posted on our site. This means collecting hours, contact information, and website details, but we take it a step further. In addition to checking the basics, we take the time to verify licensing, certifications, insurance, and other credentials so we can be sure that each business we post is trained and professional.

When you’re looking for services you can trust, start with our merchant services reviews. Sort by industry, read reviews from customers like you, and know that the company has been verified by our team. Also, be sure to stay tuned to our blog! In the coming weeks and months, we’ll dig deeper into some of the industries we host with guides for questions to ask before booking, things to look for, and more. Get the trustworthy help you need; start searching today!

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