International Moving Services: How an International Move Differs

When you move to a new house across town, there is a lot of hassle. After all, you have to figure out how you managed to get that massive sectional down to the basement to begin with, and let’s not even get started with what a pain it was to get your piano inside safely. The good news is, you can just start boxing things up one room at a time and haul nearly everything over yourself, maybe even in the evenings after work.

Moving overseas is another can of worms entirely. Unless you’re really independently wealthy, it’s not going to be feasible to just pop back and forth from your old home to your new one. Of course, moving to another country comes with a to-do list that involves more than just packing up your household belongings and shipping them to another continent. In fact, moving overseas is a great deal more involved than even a cross-country move. Beyond finding international moving services to ship your household goods, here are a few other ways moving internationally is different.



When you move to a new state, you will likely have to update your car registration and get a new driver’s license. Otherwise, there isn’t much in the way of documentation to worry about. When moving internationally, there are stacks of forms to fill out, and you’ll need to get to those well ahead of your move. If you and your family members don’t have passports yet, you’ll need to do so as soon as possible—yes, even the kids will need passports. Most countries also require paperwork filed with their government that shows you’ve been given permission to be there longer than a vacation or study abroad trip, so be sure you have your visa documentation sorted out well ahead of your move.


Finding a Job

If you’re being relocated by your company, awesome. That takes a good deal of stress and crazy out of the whole situation. However, if you’ve decided to pack up and move to another country without a job lined up, you could be in for a world of complications. First and foremost, filling out visa will be complicated because a work visa is always for a specific job, not just one you hope to get. And obtaining a non-work-specific visa is going to depend very much on the country issuing it. So, if you’re dead set on moving to another country, the best way to smooth the path before you is to be sure you have a job with a signed contract before you start filling out visa documentation.


Moving Your Household Goods

Unless you’re moving to Canada or Mexico, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to just pack up everything into a moving truck and drive it to your new residence. You’ll either need to ship your goods by air or by sea, and both can be complex procedures because of export and import laws. You’ll need to find international moving services who specialize in shipping freight or air cargo shipping, as they will be in the best position to help your goods make it swiftly and securely through customs in your new home country. There are a few other things to keep in mind when preparing to move your household goods:

  • Downsizing – the cost for shipping freight is generally based on weight, so you’ll want to do the most thorough spring cleaning you’ve ever done. If there is furniture or anything you’re not attached to, sell or donate it. If there are things you don’t want to get rid of but don’t want to take, store it for the duration.
  • Electric-powered appliances – most countries do not use the same plug shape or voltage that we do. If you’re packing your TV or kitchen appliances, you’ll likely need to get plug converters as well as voltage converters to make everything safe to use.
  • Car shipping – many international moving services will also help you ship your car to your new country. However, you’ll also need to keep in mind that many of the city streets in most cities across Europe and Asia are narrower, so that oversized SUV may be too large to safely drive there. Don’t forget to check into vehicle laws to ensure your car is within legal parameters—especially for those countries that drive on the opposite side of the road.

Day to Day Matters

Both before you leave and after you arrive in your new country, there are a wealth of things you’ll need to take care of. This includes things like finding banking in your new country and sorting out your banking back home will need to be done soon after the transition happens. You’ll also want to look into healthcare requirements, finding a school for the kids, and studying up for that international driver’s license. And, if you haven’t already, it’s never too soon to start reading up on your new location and learning what you can of their language and cultural norms. This can help ease the culture shock once you arrive, and make the transition smoother for your family.


Find Better Services

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