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We had to relocate last month and were on the lookout for a good moving company in FL. By submitting a request for an online quote, we were able to find great companies here.The reviews helped us make the right decision.

Marci Moreno

Miami, FL

My Husband and I hired a roofing company recently from here. We were very satisfied with the service provided. We did leave feedback on that company’s profile. Since we could compare various price quotes, it was very easy for us to decide.

Lidia Donahue

Charlotte, NC

These days there are so many shady companies out there. It’s nice that you guys feature only reputed companies. Saves the trouble of going back and forth negotiating and researching. Worth every minute spent here.

Brenton G Pace

Greensboro, NC

Moving Company Reviews

When you’re online hunting for a company to help with your next move, it can be hard to tell which options are trustworthy and which are not. Unfortunately, listing a service or a company website online does not automatically make it a verified, trustworthy company—after all, it’s easy enough to make a website these days, even if you don’t have a ton of technological know-how. When you’re looking for help around the house, either indoors or out, you are inviting a stranger into your personal space, which calls for a good deal of trust. Given the number of shifty figures who operate online, how do you find a service you can trust?

This is where comes in. Our mission is to provide a bias-free site for merchants services reviews of verified companies, so customers anywhere can find the service they need from a source they can trust. In order to do so, we offer a two-fold verification process, in which we verify both reviews and businesses.

Business Verification

Whether you’re looking for the top rated moving companies near you or a trustworthy plumber, is here to ensure that the companies we post about on our site are all legitimate. With each review or business submission request, our team does the due diligence to check everything from hours and contact information to website details, and so on. More importantly, we take the time to verify the licensing and other credentials, so you can trust that the companies we have on site are all well-trained and licensed to do the work.

Services Reviews

Not only do we take the time to ensure each business is legitimate before we post their information on our site, we do the same with every review submitted. Other review sites have used, and continue to use, unethical practices like charging to post more positive reviews or allowing companies to pay for negative review removal. At, we don’t do any of this. You can trust that the reviews we post are a good representation of the companies because we post it all. However, in order to reduce the potential for underhanded practices—things like competition submitting negative reviews to skew the ratings or companies submitting reviews of themselves—we take the time to verify that each review is submitted by an actual customer who used that company’s services. You can trust the reviews submitted on our site, because we take bias out of the picture and provide as honest and open a level of information as possible.

Top Rated Moving Companies

Moving is one of the industries most often looked down upon for poor service—and one in which trust is most often needed. Whether you’re moving across town or across the globe, you should be able to trust the moving company you work with. At, we have collected and verified as many moving company reviews as possible so you can get as clear a picture as possible of the level of service provided. In addition to collecting and posting verified moving company reviews, we have taken the time to verify each company listed. Click through and read reviews for each of these top-rated moving companies, so you can see the experiences past customers have had and make an informed decision. As a bonus, you don’t have to worry about whether these moving companies have the requisite skills and training; we have taken the time to check up on their credentials, so you can trust that each of the top rated moving companies on this page is worthy of your trust. See moving packages for each company, read reviews, and even compare packages, or contact the team if you need further assistance!