Commercial Moving: Signs It's Time To Move Your Business

Moving house is complicated. Add in a few hundred more people and their desks, complex computer set-ups, sensitive hard copies of data, and the potential for workman’s compensation claims, and commercial moving can make that transition to a new house seem like a breeze. We know you aren’t necessarily excited about the details involved in moving your business and all the accoutrements to another location, but the end result usually makes all that hassle worth it. Of course, it’s not always easy to know when the time to move has come along; there is no hard and fast rule about when moving becomes necessary. Here are a few of the key signals that it may be time to relocate your business:


Financial Constraints

It’s pretty easy to fall into a routine and not notice as things change around you. Then, all of a sudden, your landlord is there trying to raise your rent and it may feel like you’ve been blindsided by the demand. It’s why you’ll see many renters hop from apartment to apartment at the end of each lease. But, when you’re running a business, moving is more of a hassle, and the property owner knows it. Yes, raising the rent on occasion to keep up with fair market value is understandable; raising it at the end of each lease just to earn more is a different consideration entirely. To help the fiscal success of your business, it’s always a good idea to routinely review your overall operating costs and check that your expenses haven’t increased too greatly. And, while you’re at it, take the time to see what comparable properties in your area cost. If costs have risen too much, especially in relation to other properties in the area, it may be time to look into moving your business to a new location.


Neighborhood Changes

Of course, your daily operating costs are only one piece of the financial puzzle. The other major component of your business’ finances is the relative location of your target market. As areas grow and change, you may notice your usual clientele shifting as well. If your customer base has been dwindling—because of something as seemingly-simple as changes in street layouts or other neighborhood changes—it may be time to consider moving, whether that means finding a location with easier access or somewhere nearer to your target market. It can also be a great way to introduce your business to a different market; keeping track of neighborhood changes can give you the opportunity to move into an up-and-coming area before costs grow too high, which can help you start up a whole new client base. As an added benefit, making that move to put your business in a better physical location can also be a great time to find somewhere that will allow you to save some on your operating costs.


Physical space is one of the most common reasons for many owners to move their business. An obvious sign that it’s time to move is if you’ve had to put a freeze on hiring because you just don’t have space for more employees. But it’s not always as obvious as that. Maybe it’s actually that you have too much space for your business’ needs, or your current location has an awkward layout that could be hampering your day to day operations. Whatever the case, if your space isn’t working for you, moving elsewhere may be a great way to solve those ongoing issues.

When we talk about space, we aren’t just referring to the square footage inside your building and the layout. We’re also referring to the building’s lawn space and whatever else surrounds your current location. Recent construction, especially of additional buildings that take away from your visibility and parking availability, can be just as good a reason to move—even when the interior space seems to be working well enough. The comprehensive functionality can have a major impact on your business, so it’s not a bad idea to re-evaluate your location every so often and verify that you’re in the best place possible to succeed.


Making a Seamless Move

If your current space isn’t working for your business any longer, don’t let the fear of moving hold you back. With a bit of research and proper planning, moving your business can be a financially-savvy business decision. When it comes to making the actual move, a commercial moving company can make the shift from old to new a painless one. Of course, you’re trusting the vast majority of your business to professional movers, so it’s important to find a commercial moving team worthy of that trust. At, our goal is to help you find the best commercial movers. We host reviews, but unlike other sites, we take the time to verify each company on our site and every review submitted. It’s our way of ensuring that you get the best information possible before you make your decision. Check out the reviews for commercial moving companies submitted by business owners like you and make your move today!

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