Merchant Services Reviews: Can You Trust Them?

In the modern age, it’s pretty easy to find more information than you could possibly need, all from the convenience of a little device that most of us keep in a pocket or purse. If you have a smartphone, odds are good you’ve pulled it out to look up something inane, like the name of that singer from that one band you heard way back in eighth grade. Of course, our smartphones can also help us quickly and easily get directions, find a restaurant, and other more useful tasks. But at what point does all that information become too much? If you’ve ever read through the reviews for a product or service, you’ve no doubt wondered how many of them are actually true. And, given the ease with which many people can submit a review and have it posted on site, it’s a valid concern. Are all of those merchant services reviews you see online actually trustworthy, or worth your time?


The Problem

We’ve probably all heard a story from a news source or a friend about this or that review site, and allegations that they charge vendors to post positive reviews or to remove negative reviews. In fact, one major reviews site has been involved in a legal suit that has gone all the way to California’s Supreme Court over the reviews that they allowed to be posted on site. If this is how reviews sites are operating, that tells us one thing: any website that follows this practice isn’t actually providing honest information, it’s allowing companies with larger budgets to pay their way ahead. In addition to money talking, some companies will take up underhanded tactics in order to get ahead of their competition. If a review site doesn’t have a way to double-check or verify reviews, it’s a really simple process for a competing company to leave made-up, falsely negative reviews in order to drop their competition’s overall rating.


The other key problem with merchant services reviews across the board is the question of motivation. Generally speaking, people are only inclined to leave a review of goods or services if they are very happy with the result or really unhappy with it. Very few tend to leave reviews if the service was what they would consider “good,” which doesn’t necessarily mean the service was bad, or even average, just that it wasn’t amazing enough to incite them to take action. What this ultimately means is that most reviews you see online are going to be emotionally-charged and skewed one direction or the other with little tempering. A second point to consider is that you’re reading the advice of strangers about whom you know nothing; there’s no real way to gauge how their tastes and expectations compare to yours. To sum this up in one simple phrase: take every review with a grain of salt.


The Good

With so many potential problems, why do many of us still leap directly toward those online reviews in order to learn more or get help making a decision? Because, in spite of the inherent problems, most of the reviews you’ll find online aren’t actually fakes trying to drag the competition down or reviews of companies who have paid for the promotion. The majority of reviews online are honest experiences written by other people who want to get their opinions out there and help a company do well or warn potential customers away—hopefully resulting in that company improving their services. Ultimately, though, merchant services reviews are there to help us glean information, not as an exemplar of how service is guaranteed to go.

Finding Trustworthy Information

Really, what this all boils down to is learning to be a bit more discerning about the information you read online. For example, some services reviews sites actually take the time to verify reviews before they are posted online, so you can be sure that the reviews you read are from actual customers. Here at Customer Advocate, we want to help customers like you connect with services you can trust, which means providing the best merchant services reviews possible. Not only do we take the time to verify reviewers, we also go through and verify the companies and services we list on our site. Visit us online to find trustworthy reviews for the services you need.

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