International Relocation: Things to Avoid Moving With You Part 2

Planning an international relocation should be an exciting time, full of anticipation for the adventures that are to come. Of course, it’s harder to get excited about your upcoming travels if you’re mired in figuring out the logistics of the move. Finding an experienced and trustworthy international moving service can help with this, but there are some steps you can take to prepare your household goods for transport. There are some things that can be difficult to move, and other items that movers flat out won’t transport. If you’re just tuning into the Customer Advocate blog, be sure to check back and read part one, where we discussed many of the household items that are hard to move but not impossible. Here are some other common household goods that you’ll need to figure out what to do with before your international movers come to pack up:


Living Things

In our last post, we looked primarily at the categories of things that can be hard to move, but not completely out of the question. Now, it’s time to start getting into things your international household movers flat out won’t move. To begin with, you’ll be hard pressed to find an international moving service willing to move anything living, and that include plants. There are a great many hoops to jump through in order to bring plants through customs, so it’s easier to just not try. Instead, take this move as an opportunity to learn more about the local plant life and start a new garden.

Pets are a bit of a different story. Dogs and cats can be moved to your new home, but there is often a quarantine period when crossing borders. And, of course, moving Fido isn’t going to be your movers’ responsibility. Where things get a bit less clear are the pets you generally keep contained; this includes fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and rodents. If you keep your pet in a cage or other means of containment, your movers aren’t going to be responsible for moving them. However, you can clean out and prepare your pet’s supplies and they will move the accoutrements, just not the critters themselves.


Specially Permitted Items

The laws regarding some items are not universal, so you’ll want to double check whether your new home country has any particular import bans or restrictions. Firearms and alcohol are good examples of this. Your firearms collection may be perfectly legal where you live currently, but some or all of the guns may be illegal in the new country. Or, you may need to get special permits to bring those items into the country. Doing so will be your responsibility, and your movers may need to see that you’ve obtained the necessary permits before they’ll include them in your household goods shipment.

Your international movers may be willing to transport cleaned and unloaded firearms, but there are a few things that no household movers will transport. Any flammable substances, ammunition, explosives, or other hazardous materials will be left behind by your movers, so make sure you have a way to dispose of or sell appropriately. And yes, this includes things like paint or household cleaners.


Specialty Goods and Equipment

If being healthy and staying fit is important to you, we’re certainly not here to discourage you from your fitness routine. Just keep in mind that your home gym equipment may be prohibitively difficult to move. The same goes for your pool table, grand piano, or snow blower. Bulky items like pianos and pool tables, especially, are very difficult to move because they require more protection and a skilled technician to put back together. Likewise, power tools and anything with sharp blades can be easily damaged and also cause a lot of damage to other items in your shipment. If you’re dead set on bringing your specialty sporting equipment, musical instruments, or power tools with you, consider finding a specialty technician to help you pack up the item, and keep in mind that you’ll want to find a specialist when you arrive to help you reassemble everything safely. Also, remember that combustible and hazardous materials won’t be transported, so you’ll need to thoroughly empty and clean out your snow blower before packing it up.


Built-Ins and Semi-Permanent Fixtures

No, we aren’t talking about your light fixtures or that built-in bookshelf in your living room. Those you can take or leave as you choose, though you probably don’t need to go through the hassle of removing either. When we talk about built-ins and semi-permanent fixtures, we mean things like a hot tub or a safe. As we mentioned in our previous blog post, your household goods shipment will most likely be charged based on weight, so those excessively heavy items can really increase the cost to ship your household goods. You may want to simply donate, discard, or leave those items behind, especially if you don’t have living arrangements lined up before you leave. It will be a lot more difficult to get rid of a hot tub or a safe once you’ve arrived overseas and found that your new home has no room for it.


If you’re moving somewhere that you couldn’t feasibly drive your vehicle, there are options available to get your car to your new country. Depending on which international moving service you choose, some have the right licensing to also move your vehicles, but some won’t. When deciding whether to move or sell your vehicles, do a bit of research into the expense of keeping a car, getting a local driver’s license, finding insurance coverage, and even things like the width of the roads. Many places in Europe have narrow enough roads that driving your Escalade around may mean you’ll end up with scratches up and down both sides within a week.


International Relocation Assistance

Finding the right team to help you navigate this process shouldn’t be another burden on your moving process. At Customer Advocate, we take the time to verify every review submitted and every company we host on site to remove some of the guesswork from finding a trustworthy international moving service. Learn more about our process here and let our verified reviews help you find the best international relocation services to get you on your way.

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