Commercial Moving: 5 Reasons To Never Do It Yourself

When your employees are packed in like sardines and there’s no more room to grow, it might be time to find a bigger space. Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as all that. First you have to start crunching the numbers, hunt for the right space, run studies to see if you’re likely to do as well in the new area, think about relocation costs for your employees, and so on. Whether you’re growing up or ready to downsize, moving your business to a new location is going to inevitably be a good deal more complex than moving to a new house—which isn’t a quick or simple task on its own.

There are a few extra considerations that need to be made when it comes to commercial moves. There are plenty of financial and administrative things to wade through, like updating addresses and contact information, planning financially for the duration your business is closed, relocating your employees or hiring new ones, and so on. Of course, part of the planning process also includes planning the physical move. Whether your office space is small or not, it’s never a good idea to move your business on your own. Avoid the hassle, save time, and most of all, protect your employees and your office equipment. This is why you could always hire a commercial moving company, rather than trying to take on the task yourself.


Time Savings

When you hire a commercial moving service, one of the biggest benefits you get is a quick process. When it comes to the commercial moving process in general, the saying, “time is money” certainly holds true because of the side effects that come from the moving process, namely, that most businesses cannot operate or have minimal operational capacity through the duration of the move. The longer a move takes, the longer your business is closed and the longer you go without making money. When you opt to hire a commercial moving service, you are hiring a team of people who will develop the best plan for your business and have the equipment amanpowerwer to implement it efficiently. This way, you can get everything packed up and moved as quickly as possible, reducing the time your business has to be closed.


Less Liability

This is a big one many companies fail to think about. When you choose to move yourselves, any employee helping with the move is technically on the clock—even if they are just driving their computer from one office to the next or helping to box up office supplies. This might not seem like a major problem, and more often than not, it will be fine. However, if an employee pulls a muscle or otherwise gets injured while helping with the move, not only can they file for workman’s compensation, they could potentially take further legal actions against the company. It might not seem like the logical course of action, but sending your employees home and letting a commercial moving company handle the heavy lifting can save your business money in the long run.


Better Equipment

This goes part and parcel with the time-saving component. Not only will a commercial moving company have years of experience planning and executing business moves for companies of all sizes, they will also have the right equipment. This means moving dollies to haul all the heavy pieces, other carrying devices to ease the burdens, and the most important component, an experienced team of workers. A moving team with the right equipment can get everything packed up and into the truck without damage to themselves or the building much more quickly than your average office worker.


Storage Services

Construction can often have a big impact on your move. Especially if you are planning to move your business into a brand new building, or you’re having the space renovated before the move, you should have a contingency plan in place in case there are holdups in the construction process. Even with delays, odds are good that an incoming renter or other plans for your current space will mean you still have to be clear of the building at a given time and date. Are you prepared for what to do if you’re stuck in moving limbo? Many commercial moving companies offer storage solutions so your office equipment can all stay in a secure, protected space until it’s time to move it into the new building. That way, you don’t have to worry about replacing a bank of computers or something else that was damaged in storage.

Licensing and Training

How many of your employees have a CDL license? Across most industries, this is a rarity, so you can’t exactly count on your staff to help when it comes time to haul your office equipment across town. Hiring a commercial moving company means you don’t need to hunt down someone with a commercial driver’s license or rent the trucks. In addition, commercial movers will have the training and experience to make loading and unloading the trucks safe and expedient, despite the size of the load.


Finding Commercial Movers

As with any moving job, one of the most important components is finding a trustworthy company to help. At, we want to help you sort through all the chaff and find a company worthy of your time and money. We offer verified reviews from actual customers and we take the time to verify each company’s legitimacy before we post them on site. Learn more about our process or search the top rated moving companies we’ve verified!

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