Commercial Moving: Is It Time For You To Move?

Moving a business isn’t nearly as simple as moving to a new house—which is saying something, because moving from one house to another isn’t exactly what most consider simple. Not only are there more steps to take to make the move a smooth one, but there are a lot more consequences in terms of finances, customers, and employees. Before you start the hunt for a commercial moving company, carefully consider whether the move is necessary, and if your company is prepared. Here are some things to consider before taking the plunge.


Why do you want to move?

It’s more simple than you might expect to start contemplating making a change and find yourself halfway through actually making it happen without even realizing it. When it comes to business moves, it’s easy to daydream about a bigger and better space, to start looking at new locations, costs, and logistics without actually stopping to think about why. And, surprisingly enough, the why does matter. There are a great deal of hurdles to jump before making a move, so “just because” isn’t going to cut it.


How will the move help?

Think about your potential move from a financial standpoint, but be sure to consider every layer therein. First, will the move help improve your business? Moving to a location with more shoppers for a retail store, or to a densely populated residential area for a dentist’s office, would make sense from a strictly business standpoint. But you’ll also need to consider the affluence of the area you might move to, any changes in rent or operating costs, and the expense for your employees. If you’re moving to another city or state, relocation costs and changes in taxes could make that move more expensive than it’s worth.


What is the economic impact?

At the same time you’re considering the financial impact on your organization, it’s also important to look at a broader scope. Will moving your business help the local economy? And, similarly, what is already in that area? For example, moving a dentist’s office somewhere with six other dentists in the same square mile would not make much financial sense, because establishing your business in that area will be even more difficult than moving somewhere that you would be the only business of that type in the area.


Do you have the funds?

Yes, moving to a new location could have some long-term financial benefits, but the eventual financial boost doesn’t do much good now. One of the most important considerations in any decision to move is whether or not you can afford it. If you’ll be relying on financial assistance, you’ll need to carefully prepare a proposal to take to your investors—the “just because” method really doesn’t work when you’re relying on someone else’s money to make it happen.

How might the move hurt my business?

Having a positive outlook is a pretty great way to get through life, but when it comes to operating a successful business, a healthy dose of pragmatism will help just as much. Before you commit to a move and hire that commercial moving company, think about how the move could negatively impact your business. Will relocation drive away key employees? Will loyal customers continue to shop or make use of your services at the new location, or will you be relying entirely on creating a new customer base?


How will your day to day operations change?

It’s something most owners don’t consider, but your daily operations have the serious potential to change. After all, you’re looking at a different economic area, different demographics, and a new market with little to no expectations about your business. Change is inevitable. The question is whether those changes will help or hinder. Before making the decision to move, you’ll want to do as much research as possible to determine how the differences in your current location and the new one may shift your client-base and your daily operations—all of which may impact your bottom line.

If you’ve run through all these questions, carefully considered your move, and decided now is the time, be sure you have plans in place to make your transition as smooth as possible. Find the right commercial moving company by visiting, a bias-free reviews site with verified reviews and businesses!

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