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Phone Number: 646-415-4948
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Website: http://wizardofhomes.com
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Our mission is to make your living- and working environment dust- and dirt free to save your health and give you time to do more exciting things than cleaning. Our main goal is to offer our current and future clients affordable and best quality cleaning services. We keep in mind every client’s individual needs. Every client is important to us and we do our best to make them happy with our services.

Who we are
We are not strictly “checklist-based” we are actual thinking individuals who see and look for things around your home that need to be cleaned or organized, making sure you will be pleasantly surprised after each service. We are mostly from Europe, from beautiful countries like Estonia, Poland, Ukraine and Hungary. We were raised with strict principals and beliefs. Hard work and quality have always been honored, -these are also the main keywords in our business.

Wizard of Homes is A Domestic Referral Agency based out of New Jersey that outsources housekeeping jobs to independent domestic workers who are registered and under subcontractactor agreement with the Wizard of Homes referral agency. The housekeepers are not employees of the referral agency or the client hiring them because neither side has to provide them with products or has control over how exactly the work is performed.

About Kadi

Wizard of Homes is owned and operated by Kadi Dulude. She is working out of an office in New Jersey and Wizard of Homes has no actual office in the city of New York.
As a young girl, Kadi had always dreamt of living in America and at the age of 19 she got her shot and left Estonia with one small red suitcase and a fiery determination to have her own slice of the American dream.
During her early years in the US, Kadi noticed the long hours many Americans spent at work and coupled with their commitments to their family and friends couldn’t imagine how they had time or the desire to handle the mundane task of cleaning. Now, a little over 10 years later Kadi finds herself a business owner to her own Manhattan company, with a strong and valuable team of over 70 trained professional housekeepers.
Kadi also has 2 wonderful children and a husband.Her motto is: “They say you can’t have it all but don’t let that stop you from trying”.


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