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Welcome to Safe Nest Babyproofing! I founded Safe Nest after experiencing for myself the frustrations of trying to babyproof my own home. Like all new parents, I wanted to provide the safest possible home environment for my baby, but the big box chain stores all sold the same poorly designed products.

After taking multiple trips back and forth to the major retailers and spending hours installing these products just to see my inquisitive daughter quickly defeat them, I thought there had to be better options. I took it upon myself to research and test out an array of babyproofing products to keep my daughter safe. Through trial and error, I figured out what is the best of the best in babyproofing and even designed my own stairway gate mounting system.

Three years and one more kid later, I realized I could put my babyproofing experience to good use by helping other parents protect their own kids. I am a member of the International Association For Child Safety and have more than 50 hours of hands-on training with Rick Leviton, president of Precious Baby Protectors with more than 19 years’ experience. I am also a Nationally Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) and can offer onsite installation or inspection of your car seats.

Safe Nest Babyproofing is licensed and insured, and 100% of our business is focused on child safety.

Prior to founding Safe Nest Babyproofing, I worked in sales for over 10 years and received a B.S. from the University of Maryland. I spend most of my free time playing with my kids and doing projects in my own house.

Why Hire a Babyproofer?

Safe Nest Babyproofing is fully insured, professionally trained, and a member of the International Association for Child Safety (IAFCS). We are experts in identifying hidden dangers in your home, recommending the safest solutions, and providing installation services. You can trust us to be knowledgeable, efficient, professional, and friendly. Read about the many reasons to rely on a professional babyproofer to evaluate your home.

Start With an In-Home Consultation

Not sure where to begin babyproofing your home or what products you may need? Then Safe Nest Babyproofing recommends starting with our comprehensive in-home evaluation service. Ryan will visit your home to answer your questions and compile a report on both the common safety solutions (stair gates, cabinet latches, electrical outlet covers, etc.) and the many hidden dangers that you might overlook. Read about home assessment options and other safety services we offer.

The Baby Gate Specialist

We’ve installed hundreds of stair gates and take pride in using only the highest quality, most visually appealing gates available. When recommending a baby gate for your home we will examine your staircase and look for one that will be the most secure, while at the same time cause the least amount of damage possible to your walls or banister. We can even use special brackets so that we do not have to drill into your wooden banister. Learn more about baby gates installation services.


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