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The Katchakid Original Pool Safety Net -Keeping Generations of Children Safe

From 1959, the Esson family was running a very successful sporting supply and manufacturing company. They made goods such as tennis rackets, soccer nets, footballs, etc… for well-known household brands.

Then in 1968 their close-knit community suffered a terrible tragedy, good friends lost their little boy in a drowning incident during a family get together, everyone was poolside, but nobody noticed the small child fall in and his death was horrifyingly silent. Blair Esson – CEO of Katchakid, Inc. was shocked to think that he had been enjoying himself while the child was quietly slipping away. This accident and Blair’s own young children, gave him the impetus and determination to create a solution that would prevent other families from suffering this inconceivably, devastating blow. Blair used all of his expertise and knowledge from his background in sports equipment manufacturing and development into creating a swimming pool barrier that was aesthetic, easy to operate but at all times extremely efficient. In 1972, after many prototypes Blair Esson introduced to parents the original pool safety net. Over the past four decades the Katchakid Pool Safety Net has been re-evaluated, re-defined and modified to bring you today the very best in terms of child pool safety.

To the Esson family, pool safety is personal. Blair Esson continues his commitment to drowning prevention by serving as an advisor to legislative drowning prevention committees, charities and non-profit organisations. Blair also serves on the ASTM F15 technical subcommittee that has jurisdiction of adopted statewide pool safety codes and standards. Blair’s son, Brad, serves as Katchakid, Inc’s Director of Operations and the Esson grandchildren spend their summers as lifeguards and advocates of pool safety.

Pool Safety Nets, Pool Fences, and Pool Leaf Covers
Swimming pools bring fun, relaxation and beauty into our lives, but with them come serious safety issues and obligations. If you pool, it’s up to you to keep children and pets from falling into the water, 24-hours a day, every day of the year – because a child can drown in less time than it takes to answer the phone. The statistics on drowning incidents involving children and young people are alarming, but these accidents are also preventable.

Katchakid offers swimming pool safety nets, pool covers and pool fences; some of the most secure, proven pool safety barrier systems available today.

Pool Nets

Created by Katchakid in 1972, our innovative pool safety net cover has 40-year proven 100% safety record. Our pool safety net system meets stringent ASTM safety statutes, affording you one of the most secure pool barrier systems available today with the peace of mind you need. Endorsed by The American Lifeguard Association.

Pool Fences

The Katchakid pool fence adds a vertical barrier, and has been specially designed to help prevent children from entering the pool area unsupervised. Fitted to any pool shape, our pool fence with its self-latching, key lockable gate helps to keep your swimming pool secure, and gives you quick and easy access.

Pool Leaf Covers

Tired of wasting your valuable leisure time skimming your pool? The Katchaleaf custom-shaped mesh pool cover keeps out leaves, twigs, and bugs while allowing water to drain through. A perfect solution to keep your pool clean and ready to enjoy.


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