CJ Doherty

Address: 41 Locust Street, Medford, MA 02155
Phone Number: 781-395-5400
Email: service@cjdohertyinc.com
Website: http://www.cjdohertyinc.com
Working Hours: 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM


C.J. Doherty, Inc is a family owned and operated business. We have proudly served the Boston area since 1978. We are committed to performing honest work at a reasonable price for the hardworking people of Boston, Somerville, Medford, Cambridge, Arlington, Winchester, Wakefield, Everett, Chelsea and the surrounding Cities and Towns.

We offer a wide variety of services to help you meet your construction needs, and because we manage the whole process from top to bottom, we ensure a quality result.

C.J. Doherty Incorporated is a Boston based General Contractor specializing in demolition, excavation, grading, concrete installation, underground, utility installation, sewer and water, site work, water management, contaminated soil removal, hazardous waste removal, oil and fuel tank removals. These services are preformed for residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

C.J. Doherty maintains our own fleet of equipment as well as experienced personal and reliable subcontractors. With this, we are able to complete projects efficiently, on time, and on budget. From mobilization to completion we have the expertise in coordinating, permit processing, engineering, testing, and onsite management. Along with managing multiple contracts and trades, we can handle it all. C.J. Doherty provides all the professional experience necessary to satisfy any project schedule under any conditions.

C.J. Doherty has the expertise to extracting and remove materials in an area by machine or hand digging. We has the experience, personnel and equipment to excavate project sites of all sizes.
Excavation is a large part of C.J. Doherty work; here are some of the areas where excavation services are used:

C.J. Doherty specilizes in residential and small commercial demolition throughout the Boston area. We are pre-qualified to perform work in a multitude of different entities in and around the region. We have the experience to make any demolition project as seamless as possible for the owner.

C.J. Doherty is able to assess any project prior to demolition to know approximately how long the demolition will take and what equipment will be required for each project depending on the project’s size and location. We will dispose of the materials removed by recycling, scraping or hauling to an off-site legal and licensed disposal facility. We have the ability to utilize and operate specialized equipment and skilled personnel to ensure that the disruptions to the surrounding community are kept to a minimum.

Sewer & Water Repairs / Installation
C.J. Doherty performs sewer and water services. We have the ability to replace, install and repair residential and commercial sewer and water lines. We have installed miles of pipe in and around the Boston area. We have completed many projects that included installation of new water and sewer lines.

Septic Systems
Your property’s septic system is essential to the health of your property. C.J. Doherty is proud to offer septic system installation and septic system repair services. We offer full installation services, from excavation to the installation of the septic system. We also offer trucking services to relocate any unwanted dirt.

General Contracting
C.J. Doherty Incorporated is a self performing General Contractor that specializes in excavation, total demolition, grading, underground utility installation, sewer and water, site work, swimming pool removal, errosion control installation and storm water management. These services are preformed for residential, commercial and industrial sectors. C.J. Doherty provides years of experience as a general contractor which allows us to manage a project from the early design stages all the way to final acceptance.

Since 1978, our projects have ranged from simple repairs and maintenance to complete overhauls. Our staff is competent, qualified, and highly experienced in all facets of the construction industry. We have the estimating expertise to provide timely and accurate proposals along with the manpower and organization to complete any project meeting any demanding scope or schedule.

We provide a quality product while managing your project efficiently and effectively. We also understand the owners need to complete a project under budget and on-time. We will ensure that the project exceeds our customer’s expectations. We take great pride in leaving our customers satisfied with the finished product. We possess the knowledge necessary to provide a faster and more efficient response time in providing proposals and mobilization of manpower and equipment.



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