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At Atlanta Home Alarm Systems, we believe that much of the time a security purchase is too complicated. It doesn’t have to be. We have found real-world ways to simplify the process while offering true security. Our simple Terms of Service are easy to understand and allow you the freedom of not requiring a contract. We simply earn the opportunity to keep your business every day. We sell the security system to you. All equipment that Atlanta Home Alarms installs can be used by any other alarm company. We use no leased or proprietary alarm systems. There are no credit checks – you pay as you go. Our monitoring prices are simple, flat numbers. We offer the same prices whether you have an apartment, a small bungalow or a large business. You do not need a home (land-line) phone. Our affordable wireless plans are less expensive than having a land-line for your security.

Atlanta Home Alarms offers services to clients in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. As a security company, Atlanta Home Alarms specializes in electronic security. We are experienced and knowledgeable in home and business security, offering a wide array of security and lifestyle products for the home and commercial settings. Our product scope ranges from basic monitoring through camera installations and access control solutions.

Security, in one form or another, is a fundamental need of us all. Whether you need a simple system covering only one door, or a large integrated all aspect system, we can help.

The security of your life and property does not start with electronics though. It starts with your walls and doors. Once the perimeter is physically secure, we can look at electronic methods to secure the premises. Consideration needs to be given to your lifestyle, your budget and not least of all, your peace of mind.

We know you’re busy. That’s why our simple sales approach is the best in the industry. Many of you already know what you want. Whether you have had multiple consultations, just want to activate a system you already own or have had a system before, Atlanta Home Alarms can offer an accurate quote right over the phone.

We can also send knowledgeable technicians to assess your situation and write a quote that offers cutting-edge security with cost efficiency. No commission-hungry sales rep, more concerned with his sale than your security, will call.

Atlanta Home Alarms. No smoke, mirrors, dogs or ponies! Just security, your way.

Atlanta Security Systems Services
Atlanta Home Alarm Systems is focused on security only. Security of your home or business is our only concern. With that in mind, we offer a wide array of products that help to increase that security. From affordable CCTV solutions through integrated Z-wave technology devices, there is much more that we can offer to increase your security, convenience and peace of mind.

Existing Security Systems

We are able to monitor most existing security systems. If your system is in good working order, we can typically have it monitored by Atlanta Home Alarm Systems inside of two hours.

If you have an older system or one that is in need of repair, we can provide the service that is necessary to get your system back in condition. Some systems may be locked out or proprietary in nature. These systems may require new motherboards to make then operational. Our experienced technicians will be able to advise you on our recommended course of action after an inspection of your system.

Our monitoring offer is the same for all of our clients, with month-to-month terms of service and our $14.00-a-month standard monitoring subscription fee.


Cameras are becoming a necessary layer of your security. While most systems do not alert you of security breaches, they do provide evidence. This can be essential to identifying the perpetrators and providing evidence of the crime in a court situation. Remote viewing is also convenient for you as a homeowner or business owner. We recommend that you consider adding a CCTV system to your premises for that additional layer of security.

There are several varieties of camera systems available today. A simple webcam can be set to record and view remotely, while security camera products tend to be substantially more robust. Integrated security/camera systems are becoming much more prevalent in the market. They offer good features for a relatively lower cost. The more traditional camera system offers much higher quality, is feature rich and utilizes a stand-alone DVR to increase your system’s durability and security. The options provided by camera manufacturers offers us a wide range of possible solutions. Atlanta Home Alarm Systems is happy to offer free consultations to fit the best choice in camera systems to your needs.

System Integration

System integration is a catch-all phrase that simply means adding controls to other devices on the premises that are activated through the security system. Most times, these controls are also remote controlled through smart phones. Z-wave, a wireless communications protocol that uses a low-power radio frequency radio embedded into your home electronic devices and systems, makes up a large section of this market today.

There are a growing number of Z-wave devices available. The most popular are door locks, lighting controls and thermostats. While these products add convenience, there are security concerns that they help address as well. We are more than happy to discuss the options available to you at no charge.

Non-Monitored Systems and Service

We also offer non-monitored installations and service. Atlanta Home Alarm Systems strongly recommends having your system monitored, not only for the increase in security but also for the discount that is offered by most homeowners insurances. We recognize that there are customers, however, that would like security without the monthly subscription. These are offered on a limited basis as our schedule allows.

Personal Medical Alerts

We also offer a line of standalone personal medical alerts. These are ideal for the needs of loved ones who live on their own with medical conditions. As always, we are happy to discuss the needs of your situation and offer our expert recommendations regarding the best courses to follow.


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