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Address: Pinecrest, FL
Phone Number: 305-233-0996
Email: info@acleanerimagemiami.com
Website: https://acleanerimagemiami.com
Working Hours: 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM

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I grew up in Ecuador witnessing my mother achieve levels of success and influence not normally available to women of that era. The reason for this was simple: the housekeepers worried about the housework. I took my appreciation for domestic service with me when I moved to America and in 1990, I founded and ran A Cleaner Image out of my home so I too could remain close to my beautiful family just as my helpers allowed me to be close with mine. Today, it still excites me to bring the possibilities of a housework-free lifestyle to everyone.

A near-decade of fine-dining management, and a life-long fascination with health and well-being made me destined for a career in green cleaning. From my days bartending, I learned the Japanese-style of meticulous cleaning (something they make the sole focus of new bartenders for the first two years of training) and service. Like when I used to write cocktail menus, I find myself in the lab these days.

We are a family-oriented work environment, prioritizing happiness and team-involvement in company decision-making. We provide in-depth training, nurturing our cleaners into professional technicians and people of service. We pay above industry standard, and ensure a living a wage is provided to all of our cleaners whose hard work brings happiness to so many people.


We clean to serve your free time and health. Our cleaning is guided by our expertise with little need for your direction so you can go about your day. Our green products leave your space feeling fresh and uplifting. Our services are fully customizable to meet your specific needs. Available for a one-time cleans on short notice or a regular program that saves you even more time and money.


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