Commercial Moving: Tips To Prepare For Your Office Move

Whether you’re moving to a larger location as your company grows or you’re changing locations to better reach your target audience, moving offices is generally a cause for excitement. Of course, for every bit of excitement at the upcoming opportunities, there will be details that need to be attended to. In order to make your office move as seamless as possible for your employees and customers alike, there are several steps you’ll want to take in preparation. Here’s what we suggest:


Schedule Movers

Start by getting a quote from local commercial moving companies. During this process, you’ll get an idea about how long it will take to pack up and move all of the physical objects in your space. In addition, you’ll be able to discuss things like manpower necessary, any specialty tools and equipment, and so on. That initial quote is there to not only help you find the best commercial moving team for your needs, but also to help you calculate expenses, plan how quickly the move will happen and how to handle any potential downtime, and otherwise help your moving process go as smoothly as possible. Of course, the other part of this is to actually schedule your move. Especially during the summer months, commercial moving teams will be quite busy; you should expect to schedule roughly six months in advance, or more if you’re trying to schedule during the more temperate time of the year.

Create a Floor Plan

We don’t necessarily mean you’ll need to hire an architect and draft up blueprints for your new office space. Whether you’re building a new space from scratch or remodeling and taking over an existing space, you’ll need to plan out where everything will go. Take thorough measurements of your new space and create a plan for how you want each area set up. Then, take a tally of what you have in the existing space, noting what will or will not be moved. This will help you get a clear picture of whether you’ll need to obtain any new furniture, fixtures, or other supplies.


Arrange Any Specialty Installations

Unless you’re an electronics or technology whiz, or you have a team on staff to handle that for you, you’ll likely need a bit of assistance getting everything set up in your new space. Do you have a complex multi-line telephone system? What about your computer set up, servers, internet, and so forth? And let’s not forget about any sort of secure access system you’ll want to have in place. All of these are systems that should be installed by trained professionals so everything will work as you want it to. Once you have your movers scheduled, you can start arranging for any of those specialty installations to help minimize downtime during the move as much as possible.


Make a Timeline

Once you schedule the services of commercial movers and those specialty installations, it will be helpful to draw together a comprehensive timeline of when everything is happening for your move. Figure out when everything will need to be packed, when you’ll need to order any additional furniture or supplies, note any dates that your business will be closed to the public, and all those other logistical details. This will allow you to see at a glance when things are happening, which will make it easier to schedule any repairs or construction, bring in cleaners before everything is moved in, and keep your employees in the know about what the coming months will look like.


Notifying Your Customers

Moving offices isn’t quite as easy as moving house. You can’t just send out a note to everyone in your address book and notify the post office that you’ll be moving. Of course, you should do both of those things, but a commercial move is a bit more involved than that. One of the big risks of any business move is losing the loyal customer base you already have. The more you can prepare and inform your customers beforehand, the less likely you are to lose their business. Start working up a marketing plan to inform current customers about the move and, if relevant, offer a promotion of some variety for any current customers that visit your new location.

The second part of this, of course, is drumming up new business. We’re going to assume that you’re making this move to help your business in some way. Not only do you want to keep your current clientele, but you are going to want to bring in new business as well. Start marketing in the neighborhood surrounding the new location to build awareness and excitement before and during the moving process so you can start business in the new area on a firm foundation.


Updating Your Information

This goes hand in hand with letting your customers know about the move. Be as thorough as possible about updating your business’ contact information to avoid confusion. This includes:

  • Sending out updated information through any email marketing lists you have
  • Updating your physical mailing address with the U.S. Postal Service and, potentially, having any physical mail redirected
  • Updating your website and any signage
  • Updating all of your social media and digital information, especially Facebook, Google+, and your Google search listing details


Keeping Employees In The Know

As you probably imagine, your employees can have a pretty substantial impact on how smoothly your move goes. Keeping them aware of all the upcoming changes and when everything is expected to happen will minimize the risk that things get lost in the shuffle or the progress slows down and skews the timeline. The other part of this is ensuring that all of your employees know what they will be responsible for moving, if anything. Maybe it’s as simple as making sure everyone knows they will be responsible for any personal items on their desks, or maybe some of your employees will need to handle moving hardcopy files. And don’t forget the details don’t slip through the cracks. Someone will need to make sure the kitchenette supplies make it to the new location.


Choosing Commercial Movers

Hiring an office moving team can make or break your move, so it’s important to ensure you’ve found a trustworthy team to help your transition. At Customer Advocate, we’re here to help you find the best services. Our merchant services reviews are all verified, so you can trust that you’re getting information from other customers who have experience with a given company. In addition, we take the time to verify every company before posting it on site, so you can trust in the quality and legal licensing—no scams allowed! If you’re looking for commercial movers to help with your relocation, start by searching our moving company reviews online!

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