Full-Service Movers: When To Hire Professional Movers

Whether you just bought your first house and it’s time to leave apartment life behind, a job has you traveling cross-country, or something else is spurring your move, these are exciting times! As exciting as your new venture is, don’t let the process wear you don’t and dull the warmth and elation of the entire process. Unfortunately, anyone who has had a negative moving experience in the past knows just how easy it can be for the stress to overwhelm and crush a lot of those positive feelings. The whole process of cleaning, organizing, packing, and hauling can be a wearing one, especially if you choose to take on a bulk of the work yourself. Fortunately, professional movers can alleviate the strain and get you going quickly. If you’re on the fence about hiring movers, these are signs that you shouldn’t go it alone:


You’ve Got A Lot Of Stuff

A college student moving out of the dorms and into an apartment probably isn’t going to have a ton of need for a semi-truck and a team of movers—not unless they’re planning to move everyone in the dorm. However, if you have a home and a family, you may need to enlist full-service movers to make your transition a smooth one. Think about it this way: in college, you could load up and make a trip or two with your car filled to bursting, and borrow a friend’s pickup to move your bed across town. If you can’t move in a couple of carloads, you probably should not be moving yourself. If you have several rooms full of furniture on top of all the clothes, books, toys, and kitchen essentials—and let’s not forget the garage overflowing with tools and yard care items—you’ll be better off hiring professional movers to get everything transported safely and quickly.


You’re Not Staying Local

If you’re moving across town and you have some brawny friends willing to lend their strength, you might be able to rent a trailer and move between houses over a (very busy) weekend. If you’re not staying local, however, hiring professional movers is almost required. After all, do you have the experience necessary to drive a truck that size across the country? Moving out of state generally means you have to get everything moved in one go—no ferrying boxes across town in the evenings and slowly migrating your goods. Full-service movers will know how to play furniture Tetris and get everything loaded into the truck in one fell swoop.


You Have Big Items

Moving from dorms or a single-bedroom apartment, you aren’t likely to have this problem. But if you’re moving from one single-family home to another, you may have some pretty sizeable furniture items. Bunk beds, a pool table, a piano, or an oversized sectional can pose a moving problem individually. When you have to move them all at the same time, it’s even more hazardous. Let the professionals who have the appropriate experience and equipment do the heavy lifting so you don’t damage either property or yourselves.


You Have Irreplaceable Things

Often, those antiques passed down through the family aren’t standard sizes, which means you can’t just pop it in a box and expect it to stay safe. Full-service movers will come with a veritable army of different packing supplies—and they’ll know how to use it well. If you have art, antiques, or other breakables and irreplaceable items, don’t leave their protection to chance. Ensure everything is properly packaged by hiring the professionals to handle it. In addition, any quality full-service moving company will carry insurance; if the worst happens, they will pay for the damage. If you move it yourself, you better hope your homeowner’s insurance policy is sufficient.

You Need To Move Quickly

No, we don’t mean that it’s the deal of a lifetime and you should book before the sale is gone. However, one of the most common reasons for moving is a change in employment. If you’re moving because of a new job, a promotion, or a relocation, you may need to get to your new home in a short time frame. If this is the case, it’s definitely better to hire full-service movers. They can not only load up the truck and drive it, they can go through and pack up your home for you, then unload it all in your new home. Hiring full-service movers means you get the professional expertise of a team packing up all your furniture and unloading it when you arrive at your new home, but it also means more hands doing the job, so it will go more quickly. When you’re relying on a long weekend to go from New York to California, those extra hands can make all the difference.


You Want To Be Safe

One of the most common issues with moving isn’t things breaking, it’s personal injury. When you don’t have enough hands to help, trying to wedge that king-sized mattress down a winding flight of stairs can not only be difficult, you may find yourself stumbling or slipping and overcorrecting to try to catch the furniture at hand. Full-service movers will come with all the equipment and movers to haul everything safely, so no one ends up injured.

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