Full Service Movers: Top Reasons to Hire Help Instead of DIY

How many of you out there have seen that episode of Friends that involves a cramped stairwell, a couch, and the word “pivot’ said far too many times? Scenes like that make it into movies and TV shows all the time, and for good reason—stereotypes in social media pretty much always stem from real life experiences that are common across the board. But moving doesn’t have to be a weekend of cursing, groaning, and back injuries. Full service movers may sound like a luxury, but that’s really not the case. They’re not a luxury only few can afford; they’re the answer you’ve been looking for to make moving easier. If avoiding hauling furniture isn’t enough of an incentive, here are a few other reasons why you should hire full service movers:


It’s Cost Effective

The expense is one of the first things most people point to when full service movers are suggested. But when it comes down to it, a moving service can be just as economical as moving yourself. Consider this: when you move yourself, you will generally need to rent a moving truck plus equipment, you’ll need to get boxes and padding, and you’ll need to recruit friends and family to help you haul the heavy things—which generally means paying for pizza and beer or something else in recompense for their assistance. The moving truck alone generally means a mileage fee, rental costs, and whatever it costs to refuel it. And, because of the size and the fuel economy, odds are slim you’ll only have to refuel it once. Of course, you can’t forget the costs of living while you’re in the process of moving. As soon as you pack up your dishes, or maybe even before, you’ll probably end up eating out or ordering takeout more frequently, and that habit will keep up until most of your things are unpacked. Add all those expenses together, and you’re looking at something pretty close to what you’d pay a professional moving service.


It’s a Time Saver

The other big part of moving yourself is generally that it takes longer. Think about how long it will take you to pack up your home, load the truck, haul the furniture, unload again at the new house, and so on. Every night spent packing, each hour you have to take off from work to make your move happen is time you may not have to spare, which means it’s also added expenses. If you can make your move slowly, over the course of a week or a month, packing a few boxes a night might not be so bad, but if you’re moving across the country, that’s hardly an option, which may mean taking time off to pack up everything, in addition to the time necessary to actually move. Full service movers will come pack up your house, load the truck, and get everything unloaded and moved into the new house quickly and efficiently, saving you time and struggles.


It Helps Keep You Safe


There are a couple of potentially dangerous aspects that are inherent to moving. First, there’s the risk of physical injury. Remember that heavy entertainment set that took four people to haul down to your basement? It’s probably going to be difficult to move that monster piece back out of your house without a few extra sets of hands. Full service movers have the training, experience, and equipment to get all your heavy furniture pieces disassembled, loaded into the truck, and moved to your new home much more easily. Plus, something many people don’t think about: professional movers have the requisite skills to protect and move those oddly shaped and oversized pieces of furniture, including that priceless family heirloom.


Truck Driving

Then, of course, once you’ve got the furniture and boxes all loaded, there’s also the concern about actually transporting your household goods. Unless you have a CDL license, you’ll have a lot of trouble getting a full-sized semi-truck to move everything, which may mean getting a smaller truck and making multiple trips. But even that smaller rental moving truck is a lot bigger than your standard SUV, and will have a different center of gravity. Hiring full service movers means you’ll also get someone licensed and experienced in driving that large of a vehicle, so you can trust your goods will all arrive safely. Can you say the same if you were behind the wheel?



This is an element of safe moving that most people don’t think about until issues arise: how will your household goods be insured during transit? Most full service movers provide insurance coverage for the potential damage or loss of any items. In addition, they generally provide liability insurance, so that you won’t be held liable in the event that the moving truck is in an accident with another vehicle, or the like. If you’re renting a moving truck and handling everything on your own, what sort of coverage, if any, you have will be entirely at the discretion of your insurance providers. This may mean a lot of discussion and debate between your homeowners policy and auto policy before anything gets covered. Until then, you’ll be looking at paying out of pocket. Of course, you can also pay for the insurance offered by the truck rental company, but that adds extra expense to your move.

Finding Full Service Movers

It’s probably fair to say that not all full service movers are created equal. The services offered and the costs will vary from one moving company to the next, so we suggest always starting with a free in-home moving quote. An online quote is a good start, but the final number may change drastically depending on the size of your home and how much you have inside. An in-home quote will give you a more on-point idea of what those moving services will cost.

The other part of this, of course, is finding a moving company you can trust. Here at Customer Advocate, our goal is to help you more easily find those trustworthy services you need. To do this, our merchant services reviews site only posts companies and reviews that have been verified. This means no reviews, except from those who have actually used the service, and no companies who aren’t licensed or certified in their area. If you’re looking for full service movers, find a company you can trust, start with verified reviews from consumers like you, and get up-to-date information about the companies you see. We make it simple to get the correct information, so you can trust you’re not hiring a scam. Find your full service movers with Customer Advocate today!

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