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We had to relocate last month and were on the lookout for a good moving company in FL. By submitting a request for an online quote, we were able to find great companies here.The reviews helped us make the right decision.

Marci Moreno

Miami, FL

My Husband and I hired a roofing company recently from here. We were very satisfied with the service provided. We did leave feedback on that company’s profile. Since we could compare various price quotes, it was very easy for us to decide.

Lidia Donahue

Charlotte, NC

These days there are so many shady companies out there. It’s nice that you guys feature only reputed companies. Saves the trouble of going back and forth negotiating and researching. Worth every minute spent here.

Brenton G Pace

Greensboro, NC

Choosing Better Businesses

Whether you’re looking for a handyman to help around the house or an international moving company, hiring professionals to come into your home requires a great deal of trust. Wading through the myriad companies who list their services online can be overwhelming and, even worse, makes it easy to advertise scams or less-than-trustworthy people looking to make easy money. Don’t let opportunistic scammers give you a negative experience; instead, find businesses and services you know you can trust—and do so without hassle. At, our goal is to make it easy to find the services you need from companies you can trust. We do two things to make this happen: we verify businesses listed on site, and we offer verified services reviews from customers like you who have been satisfied with the service they received.

The Truth About Services Reviews

Many of the review companies online do not take the time to verify a review before posting it online or, if they do verify, they often charge the company to post a certain number of good reviews—or to avoid posting more negative reviews. This practice does nothing to help you, the customer, find services that are actually trustworthy. As an example, when you are moving internationally and looking for full-service movers to store and ship your household contents, there is a great deal of trust needed for the international movers you choose. Searching through the long distance movers reviews will only get you so far if you don’t know which reviews are from actual customers, or if there are a stack of angry reviews a company may have paid to not list.

Our goal, at, is to connect you with the best services and most trustworthy companies possible. In order to do so, we take the time to verify each review that is submitted by an actual customer, not someone trying to scam the reviews system. Because we maintain our strict stance as a neutral reviews site, companies cannot submit false reviews to boost their rankings, nor can they pay to have negative reviews removed. This way, you get a comprehensive view of past customer interactions and, if a company wants to improve their ratings, they will have to do so where it matters: with customer services.

Verified Business Listings

The other aspect of our service is to verify each of the businesses we host on site. Before any business gets listed on, our team takes the time to not only verify that they are a real business, but also that they maintain up-to-date licensing, certifications, and whatever other credentials are required for that industry. This helps us ensure that every company we list is a legitimate service, not a scam. When combined with merchant services reviews from verified customers, this allows us to connect you with trustworthy companies who provide the services you’re looking for.

So, what are you waiting for? Make life easier with Whether you’re looking for long distance moving companies reviews, handyman help, or a new roofer, get the help you need from companies you can trust.